Marissa is the pied piper of math. Truly. She has an innate ability to connect with children at their level – and then to draw them into her magic world of math. Our child has a learning disability. He came to her struggling with sequencing, application, and consistency. With creative lesson plans which included among other things art, music and jokes (things my child relates to), he is now working at grade level, currently earning an A in 9th grade Algebra.

I highly recommend Marissa. She is an exceptional tutor. Your child will be in most excellent hands!
— Melissa M.

Marissa is a gem! She is capable, patient and kind, and knows the curriculum so well that she can tailor tutoring to anticipate what’s happening in school. My daughter gained self-confidence thanks to Marissa’s encouragement and clear belief that my daughter could master math. My daughter likes how Marissa showed her various ways to approach a problem until one or more clicked. Also, Marissa was generally just fun to talk to!

— Sophia R.

My daughter studied with Marissa since 4th grade and I can’t say enough good things about Marissa’s tutoring (but I’ll try.) My daughter started with Marissa with a strong feeling that she just wasn’t good in math, which of course affected her confidence. Within a month of working with Marissa, my daughter regained her confidence and was actually saying she liked math! That progression continued over the past several years with Marissa, where she now gets A’s regularly on her test, feels better about her abilities, and was invited to be in the 8th grade advanced math class. I credit Marissa’s caring, creative, and thorough approach to math tutoring for my daughter’s success.

— William R.

Marissa tutored our son off and on throughout his middle school years. Some of the things I most appreciated about her were her patience, her ability to connect easily with a shy child, and her positive energy. Our son improved greatly through his work with her and gained a lot of confidence in his math ability. Marissa was incredibly easy to work with, communicative, helpful and supportive of our child, and all of us, as we worked together to make math homework and tests easier. I wholeheartedly recommend Marissa as an excellent math tutor and teacher.

— Laura S.

My daughter was struggling in 9th grade Algebra I and consequently we contacted Marissa Meyers for assistance. Marissa was very welcoming and immediately found an open time slot that worked for our schedule. My daughter has had math tutors in the past but she really enjoyed Marissa’s style of teaching and her high level of understanding and patience. Marissa was able to keep my daughter’s attention and interest up and made learning math more fun. With Marissa’s excellent tutoring assistance my daughter passed that class and then moved on to 10th grade geometry the following year. We went back to Marissa for geometry help and my daughter experienced the same exceptional tutoring she had from the previous year. Passing geometry with a B grade was a boost to my daughter’s confidence, and she now has a higher level of motivation to take on the next math class in junior year

— Paul J.

Marissa was my daughter’s math tutor during her time in middle school. My daughter always had a strong math sense, but during this time, she began to struggle, and her grades dropped. We tried to help at home, we sent her to an after-school tutoring program, but she continued to have a difficult time. After much research, we found Marissa. My daughter formed an immediate bond with her, and enjoyed going to her tutoring sessions. As a parent, and an elementary school teacher, I have had the opportunity to watch my daughter not only advance her math skills, but see her level of confidence in math soar under Marissa’s teaching and guidance. Marissa has a deep knowledge about math, and she is enthusiastic about sharing it with her students. At the forefront, is her approach, which is thoughtful and patient as well as being extremely supportive to her students.

— Karen C.